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Planta d'oxigen tipus muntada en patins

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Planta d'oxigen tipus muntada en patins per a Hosipital

  • Descripció del proucte
Descripció del proucte
  • Working principle and process

PSA oxygen plant working principle and process 

With air as material and molecular sieve as absorbent,  TECHRAY's modular oxygen generator system is to adopt advanced PSA(Pressure Swing Adsorption) air separation technique to form a circulation process of absorption during compression and desorption during decompression so as to produce oxygen by separating oxygen and nitrogen in the air by using the physical property that under normal temperature  and low pressure, so that the purity of oxygen is exceeded 93%+-3%v/v.

  • The working flow of molecular sieve oxygen plant

the working flow of molcular sieve oxygen plant

  • ddesenvolupament

  • Four feature

techray oxygen plant four feature

  • Innovative Advanced Technology——Perfect Performance

Innovative Advanced Technology——Perfect Performance

  • Sala de màquines

sala de màquines

machine room2